If you are going through a divorce, you know how stressful and time-consuming the process is—especially because it’s all so personal. The safety and health of your children are bound to be a top priority for you, so considering custody agreements with your ex-spouse can make the process even more difficult. For the sake of their children, many parents avoid the court-room scene and discuss such agreements through mediation, a service The Maynard Law Firm, PLLC is proud to offer. However, if you and your ex fundamentally disagree about custody issues, it’s not unusual for couples to go to court to find the solution and our attorneys will fight tooth and nail to ensure that your voice is heard.

At The Maynard Law Firm, PLLC, our Fort Worth metroplex child custody attorneys understand how important children are to both spouses in the middle of a divorce. We have the knowledge and commitment to develop a comprehensive legal strategy to assist you in the fight for the best interests of your family. When it comes to your children, we understand that you are looking out for their best interests, and we will work diligently to assist you in understanding the implications of your choices so that you can make informed decisions about your children’s future.

We are an aggressive trial law firm that provides skilled representation to clients in the state of Texas for many things, only one of which is family matters. Our wide array of specializations demonstrates our knowledge, and we have continually held a distinguished record of representation and advocacy on behalf of our many clients. Our legal team has a reputation for providing high-quality legal work, and we offer exceptional personal client services, along with effective legal advice to resolve your legal concerns. We understand the ever-changing laws, and we work closely with each client to meet and hopefully exceed their expectations.

We are proud that many of our clients in Texas turn to us repeatedly for counsel and representation. We value our clients, and that is one of the main reasons that a large percentage of our new business comes by way of referral from our present and returning clients. At The Maynard Law Firm, PLLC, we have a history of getting the results that you deserve. To speak with a Fort Worth metroplex child custody attorney, please call (817) 335-9600 today to schedule a free initial consultation or fill out a contact form so we can reach out to you.


When you are pursuing legal custody for the health and safety of your children, it’s often a good sign that you have a lot of questions. Unfortunately, many of these issues can only be answered by an attorney with experience in the field. Even if you and your spouse agree on everything you can think of, hiring an attorney can ensure that you haven’t missed anything and that the agreement is made legally binding, so any secrets or changed minds have no power. Representation can ensure that your voice is heard in the proceedings, and they can handle the paperwork that can otherwise consume your life during a custody dispute.


If you need representation in Fort Worth metroplex, you already know that there are many firms that you can choose from. Unfortunately, some of the questions surrounding trust and your best interest can be difficult to answer. The unfortunate fact is that not all child custody attorneys have the commitment and results. Choosing the right attorney or firm can make the difference in the outcome of your case.

  • We have a proven track record of handling complex child custody cases and obtaining the best results for all concerned.
  • Our team of dedicated legal professionals is well-versed in many areas of law, so you know that we have a unique understanding of Texas law.
  • We offer free initial consultations so that you may ask pertinent questions and get the answers that you need to make the best decisions when it involves the best interest of your children.

Our entire staff at The Maynard Law Firm, PLLC works hard to make sure that our clients get the assistance that they require in such an important area of their lives—their children. We fight for you!


The child custody attorneys at The Maynard Law Firm, PLLC have handled many complex cases, and listed below are some of the case types that we handle:

Visitation Rights: Parents with possessory conservatorship of their children usually have the right to visit them at specific, court-ordered dates and times. The Texas state legislature has adopted what is known as a “Standard Possession Order,” which provides generally that the non-custodial parent may see his or her children on the first, third, and fifth weekend of the month, every Thursday during the regular school term, and basically on half of all annual holidays. Our attorneys can provide you with more specific details of the provision of “Standard Possession Order.” Many times, a non-standard possession order will need to be crafted to work around parents with non-typical work schedules and for other reason that are in the best interest of the children.

Joint Managing Conservatorship: When agreed to by the parents, or when the Judge determines it is in the best interest of the children, parents who are appointed joint managing conservator of the children generally share the majority of the rights, powers, privileges, and duties that are associated with caring for their children. Many times the children’s domicile will be restricted to a specific geographic area to enable both parents to equally participate in the children’s day-to-day lives. The parent with whom the children reside the majority of the time and who is also awarded the right to determine the primary domicile of the children is sometimes referred to as the primary joint managing conservatorship.

Sole Managing Conservatorship: Parents who are appointed the sole managing conservator of their children are generally awarded all of the rights, powers, privileges, and duties that are associated with caring for their children. As such, the other parent generally will not be granted many rights, if any, to make decisions about their child’s future.


There is no easy way to answer a question like this without details about your case. Even when you sit down with an attorney and discuss your situation, nothing is set in stone outside of mediation or the courtroom. We can simply make an estimate and argue for that estimate based on a number of things:

  • How many children you have
  • How old each child is
  • How much money you and the co-parent make, separately

This number is often changed by a number of other factors considering the type of child custody you and the co-parent decide is best for the child. If one of you has sole custody of the child, then only the other may be ordered to pay child support. If you share custody, one or both of you may still be required to pay, considering income and property. For more information on how this process plays out, contact us at (817) 335-9600.


According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, in 2009, the number of marriages rose with minimal fluctuation, reaching its peak in 2012. Since 2013, marriage rates in Texas have generally been decreasing. Factors affecting this trend could be the changing age structure of the population, the trend toward postponement of marriage, along with changes in social behavior. Additionally, research indicates that younger people are not getting married and, instead, are choosing to simply live together. This trend is gathering strength, and the rate of marriage continues to drop along with the number of adults who choose to live together at the beginning of their relationships. With a declining marriage rate, a declining divorce rate follows.

Unfortunately, the current divorce rate is still affecting children on nearly a daily basis. According to the Texas Department of State Health Services again, divorce affected the lives of 59,135 children under 18 years of age in 2013. A little more than half (54.8%) of 2013 divorces, involved no children. Less than one-quarter (21.5%) of the divorces affected only one child. The remaining 23.7% of 2013 divorces involved two or more children.


The divorce attorneys at The Maynard Law Firm, PLLC in Fort Worth have a strong track record of assisting new and former clients with their divorces and child custody issues. We have worked with the people in Fort Worth for some time, and we know Texas law regarding divorce and child custody matters. When you want the best law firm for you and your children, contact The Maynard Law Firm, PLLC today for a free consultation.

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