How Can a Family Law Attorney Help Protect Your Family?

How Can a Family Law Attorney Help Protect Your Family?

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Whenever you have legal trouble, it’s always a good idea to speak to a specialized legal representative. For cases ranging from divorce to domestic abuse to child support, family law attorneys are knowledgeable specialists who can ensure optimal outcomes for your case.

how can a family law attorney help
Having a family law attorney could make family matters easier.

Not sure what family law attorneys really do or how they can help with your situation? Read on to discover more about how can a family law attorney help protect your family and assist people just like you throughout Tarrant County and beyond.

What Are Family Law Attorneys?

Family law attorneys are specialized legal professionals that handle all aspects of family law, including:

  • Divorce cases
  • Child custody arrangements
  • Domestic violence cases
  • And more

If the legal case in question has to do with family life or laws pertaining to families, family law attorneys are the perfect specialists to contact.

Perhaps more importantly, family lawyers can empathize with you and your family and take the steps you need to resolve issues in a timely, safe manner. As opposed to other legal professionals, family law attorneys prioritize what’s best for you and your loved ones and will work tirelessly to ensure the optimal outcome for your given case.

Generalized attorneys may still be able to help to some extent, but they don’t always have the specialized legal knowledge necessary to win the most important cases. Tarrant County family law lawyers are specifically skilled in family laws and statutes for Tarrant County and the Fort Worth area.

How Can a Family Law Attorney Help You?

can a attorney speed up divorce
A family law attorney’s responsibilities are to represent your case and to serve the court.

Family law attorneys are able to help individuals just like you with a wide range of cases and legal needs. Here are just a few examples of what skilled family attorneys can assist with.

Divorce Proceedings

No matter the circumstances or the personalities of the parties involved, divorce proceedings are almost always complex. Oftentimes, they are messy as well. An experienced lawyer or family law firm can provide invaluable assistance during your pending divorce by:

  • Ensuring that you file important paperwork on time
  • Presenting your side of the story in a clear, concise manner to your court judge
  • Helping you to acquire the optimal outcome for issues like property division, alimony, child support, and more
  • Help you see a speedy divorce and that any legal matters are settled rapidly

Furthermore, having a family attorney on your side during your divorce may help you feel as though you aren’t alone in your fight. After the emotional strain of the divorce begins, it can be difficult to keep your head on straight and navigate the court’s systems smartly. Family law attorneys take a lot of the burden off your shoulders and act as team players who always have your back.

Child Custody and Child Support

can a family law attorney help abuse
A family lawyer is critical to understand child custody matters.

As touched on above, family law attorneys are also invaluable when your case revolves around child custody or support. Also called conservatorship, child custody arrangements determine which of the two parents in a relationship receive primary or full custody of any children.

All Texas family courts will award conservatorship based on what is best for the child. However, the outcome could be anything from sole custody awarded to one parent to 50-50 custody, where the child’s visitation is split equally between both parents, to anything in between.

Furthermore, family lawyers may be able to assist if you want to make sure child support arrangements are optimal and fair for both parties. For example, if you want to ensure that one parent pays what is due in child support, a family lawyer may be able to help you gather evidence and present your side of the story to the judge so they see the truth.

Alternatively, a family law attorney could help you avoid having to pay too much in child support where the other parent makes enough money to deem exorbitant child-support payments unnecessary.

In either case, family lawyers may help to prevent child support or child custody cases from spiraling out of control. Our lawyers can offer a reserved, rational perspective on the situation and prevent the emotional intensity common to divorce cases from affecting any children more than needed.

Additionally, family lawyers may assist with child abuse issues, including if you are falsely accused of heinous acts. In such cases, lawyers will work tirelessly through the divorce process or your child support case and provide exceptional legal representation.

Family Violence Cases/Restraining Orders

how can a family law attorney help
Victims of domestic violence can benefit from a family law attorney.

Millions of Americans are victims of domestic violence, and such cases can be frightening and life-altering for family members. Family law attorneys in Tarrant County may be able to assist when you file for legal protection from an abuser, whether you have experienced domestic violence once or on a recurring basis.

Tarrant County family attorneys may help you by:

  • Kickstarting the process to get a protective restraining order placed against the person abusing you
  • Ensuring that the protective orders cover all necessary cases and circumstances (so there aren’t any loopholes)
  • Help you put a stop to any violence being perpetrated in your home by one spouse or any other individual member of the family
  • See that you receive physical and mental relief from your situation
  • Help you connect with child protective services or other legal services if needed

Bottom line: family attorneys can help with all forms of legal aid and family court processes. Thanks to the privacy of the attorney-client relationship, all information you provide is kept safe.

In addition, family lawyers can assist with filing for legal steps beyond the protective order if necessary. If an abuser refuses to back down, a family law expert could help you file for more drastic measures, including helping you secure the court’s assistance in a timely manner.

Contact a Family Law Attorney Today

All in all, family law attorneys can certainly help with your unique situation no matter the details. As experts in all matters of family law and legal codes, Maynard Law is well equipped and ready to help with your Tarrant County family law case.

Not only can we help you from a legal perspective, but we will provide an empathetic ear and see your side of the story. Whether you need help with finalizing a divorce, arranging fair child support for yourself and your former partner, or escaping a domestic violence situation, Sean Lynch Law is here for you.

Contact us today for more information and a free consultation.

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