Texas to Abolish No-fault Divorce

Texas to Abolish No-fault Divorce

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Texas State Representative Matt Krause, a Republican from Fort Worth, filed a bill that seeks to do away with the no fault option when filing for divorce.

This option enables people in Texas and other states to conclude a marriage without having to undergo a long legal process so divorcing couples can simply split their assets and move on with their lives. Krause, who is married with five children, said the easy process of no fault divorce makes it too easy to destroy the family unit. He noted, “I think we’ve done a terrible job, sometimes in our own lives and own quarters, of making sure we do what we can to strengthen the family. I think this can go some way in reversing that trend.”

Krause said another advantage of the elimination of no fault divorce will be to allow “due process” to the spouse who does not want to have a divorce in the first place. Categories of an at fault divorce include adultery, abandonment, cruelty, and a felony conviction, among others.

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