Choosing a Fort Worth Divorce Lawyer

Choosing a Fort Worth Divorce Lawyer

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Divorce can be a messy, complex legal process. No matter how well-intentioned either side is, every divorce case inevitably includes difficult questions, such as:

  • Will there be alimony or spousal support payments, and for how long?
  • Who will get primary custody of any kids, and what are visitation rights?
  • How will the Court settle property division?
  • And more, so much more…

Despite all of these tough aspects in the typical divorce process, many people feel uncomfortable bringing legal representation to their divorce cases. This is a mistake!

In fact, it’s always better to choose a knowledgeable Fort Worth Texas divorce lawyer for your case, even if you aren’t sure what to look for.

Yes! Simply put, legal representation can:

  • Ensure that you file your case’s paperwork correctly and on time
  • Help identify weaknesses in your case and correct them
  • Help you see the best outcome in the divorce proceedings for your side
Skilled Fort Worth divorce lawyers can ensure you get what you deserve.
Skilled Fort Worth divorce lawyers can ensure you get what you deserve.

For example, a father wishing to ensure that he shares custody of his children needs effective legal representation. Courts are already biased against fathers when it comes to child custody and visitation – a father without knowledgeable attorneys on his side could see his visitation rights diminished or eliminated entirely.

On the flip side, a wife needing alimony support to take care of herself and/or her kids will be in a better position to negotiate for an acceptable alimony amount with an experienced lawyer on her side. Without legal expertise, she might not see any alimony payments at all!

How to Choose a Good Fort Worth, Texas Attorney

We know it can be tough to choose a Fort Worth, TX lawyer who can meet your needs and work on your schedule. Choosing any lawyer can be tough, but when picking a divorce lawyer for your case, consider these major factors:

  • Experience with both genders. Some lawyers specialize in one gender or the other, but the best legal representation will know how to represent both sides in a divorce case
  • Successful past cases. Try to find a divorce lawyer that has several successful cases under their belt. Experience always leads to a better outcome for current clients!
  • Expertise in divorce proceedings. Don’t settle for a general practice law office that doesn’t know the ins and outs of divorce law in Texas, especially if you want to ensure a good outcome for your child support or alimony requests. Instead, opt for a family law office or divorce attorney to guarantee a satisfying result
  • Make sure that your prospective lawyer has time for your case. Don’t sign up with a law office that won’t give your case the attention it deserves

Maynard Law Firm – Book Your Free Consultation Today

Attorney Patton Maynard is ready to represent your legal issues in the Fort Worth or Southlake Texas area.
Attorney Patton Maynard is ready to represent your legal issues in the Fort Worth or Southlake Texas area.

Fortunately, there’s a knowledgeable and board-certified legal office in Forth Worth Texas just waiting for your call.

We’re Maynard Law Firm, and we’re ready and able to assist with any divorce case you bring to our attention. With over a decade of experience helping clients so far and dozens of happy past clients, we’re well-equipped to help you negotiate for the best outcome in your divorce.

We also know that divorce cases can be tiring, frustrating, and emotionally difficult. But we’ll work with you every step of the way and coach you through court appearances, paperwork, and more. Our practice areas include family law, divorce proceedings, and more.

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